One Woman, One Panther, One Style

What does JISOO’s style share with LA Panthère? An irresistibly creative combination of intuition and a free spirit. This explains why the global shining star has become the newest member of the Panthère de Cartier community. 

JISOO has already captivated an entire generation with her strong, sunny and determined personality. Since becoming a pop sensation as the singer of globally recognized group BLACKPINK, this extraordinary character has never restricted her talents or singular personality. Now, she effortlessly slips into the skin of the Maison’s emblematic animal as an ambassador for the Panthère de Cartier Jewelry collection.

Her Bangle

Hypnotic and wild, the clean lines of the Panthère bracelet hug the wrist like a second skin. Both precious and essential, it conceals a personal message engraved on the interior – the jewel of choice for a young woman with a mysterious side.

Her Watch

As mesmerising as she is, the Panthère tête-à-tête jewelry watch softens its aesthetic tension with sparkling pavé diamonds. Confident yet feminine, it reflects the essential feline streak of a young woman who dares to lead where others only follow.

Her Pendant

A creation that fascinates and magnetises the gaze, the Panthère pendant is even more striking against JISOO’s style choices: a feline flick of eyeliner and radiant determination. The perfect jewel for a versatile young creative who is always full of surprises.