Cartier time: a sensitivematter

We explore it, we challenge it, we traverse it and above ALL, we capture it.

We explore its mystery and immateriality

Yes, time is impossible to grasp and yet the Maison’s creations know how to play with it. For more than a century, Cartier has been exploring the mystery of time: mysterious clocks and skeleton movements fascinate and challenge, providing a physical dimension to the illusion of time passing.

We push boundaries without time limits

This means being free of any limits and allowing oneself, without time limits, to explore the immensity of new creative fields. It is this notion of time that is embodied by the precious watches which, beyond their precision, celebrate the refinement of their craftsmanship.

We extend and adjust it

How is it done? By opening up ever new and contemporary territories of inspiration – a matter of perpetual enrichment. The idea is that each creation has its own identity while remaining true to Cartier heritage.

Discover the singular vision of Anne-Laure Sellier, researcher in cognitive psychology and professor at HEC.