Choosing Intensity

The Maison’s commitment to contemporary music As a universal language that shares intensity and emotion, music presents an intriguing reflection of the Maison’s concept of beauty. Through collaborations and support programs for outstanding and innovative musicians, Cartier protects their creative freedom, as well as providing support and guidance, and bringing visibility to their work. 

Mélanie Laurent’s Les Larmes d’Eugénie 

Initially released as a virtual reality experience in Lake Como in June 2021, the début opera from Mélanie Laurent, Les Larmes d’Eugénie, was presented by the Maison for the first time as a physical performance at the Comédie de Genève in October 2021. In September 2022, it was entirely rewritten as a polymorphous experience, presented at the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

Written by the French actress, musician and filmmaker during a period of lockdowns and restrictions, the opera recounts the intense, poignant love story of a mermaid and a fisherman. As cancellations and postponements delayed opening night, the premiere marked an emotional moment for Laurent when it finally arrived, highlighting the importance of shared cultural experiences and the art of the stage. 

Simone Menezes and the Ensemble K

Known for her innovative exploration of new musical territories, conductor and musical innovator Simone Menezes approaches the world of classical music with passion and curiosity, aiming to promote its universality. As founder and director of Ensemble K, she has succeeded in breaking stereotypes and defying convention to create an approach to classical music that is original and profoundly cosmopolitan. The musicians of the ensemble have followed very different paths and are from a wide variety of cultural origins – yet they all share an ability to shake off convention.

From the launch of the multidisciplinary Metanoia project at Milan’s Duomo to a performance inspired by the Classical idea of beauty at the Cartier Women’s Initiative anniversary, the Italo-Brazilian musician appeals across generations and backgrounds through performances of strength and reflection.

«We believe that each human being, regardless of their age, sex, geographic origins, culture or education, can deeply connect with music, and we want to play a role in that process.»

- Simone Menezes

Khatia Buniatishvili

Combining strength of character, virtuosity and piercing intellect with worldwide recognition, the French-Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili represents a unique and intense character on a remarkable journey. She first enrolled at Tbilisi Chamber Orchestra as a soloist at the age of six, and earned the first place at the admission exams of the Tbilisi Conservatory at 16 and the Vienna University of Music and Performing arts at 19. After her debut in 2008 at Carnegie Hall in New York, she performed on the biggest stages worldwide. Her openness, profoundness and charisma have allowed her to draw in unlikely audiences for classical music, transcending styles and eras to offer magnificent, immersive live performances and studio releases. 

«Khatia embodies everything that we are. Refinement and excess. Delicate exuberance. Unique and universal. Plural singularity. Body and soul, with refinement and excess, Khatia leads us through a dizzying exploration of human passions and emotions.»

- Cyrille Vigneron, Président et CEO de Cartier International


The Résonances Project

Résonances provides the opportunity for a whole new generation of pianists from within the Académie France-Chine, founded by Chinese pianist, Zhu Xiao-Mei. The project offers them the unparalleled opportunity to perform in concert at the most formidable venues in Paris and release their first record. Since its inception in 2019, it has established a community of uniquely talented young musicians united in their pursuit of musical veracity, intensity and identity.