What do PATRICIA URQUIOLA, LAURENE Barbier-Tardrew, AND LAURA GONZALEZ all have in common? THESE THREE women are talented CREATIVES. As interior architects, DESIGNERS AND DECORATORS, they all share a bond with Cartier.


A Spanish architect and designer based in Milan, Patricia Urquiola has collaborated with great masters of design such as Castiglioni and Magistretti. She has also worked as a design manager for Piero Lissoni and opened her own agency in 2001. In her work and research, she always focuses on innovation and sustainability, but also on crafts and technology, which are complementary concepts for her. She created an ephemeral installation for Cartier in the Il Sereno Hotel on the shores of Lake Como during the presentation of the Sixième Sens High Jewelry Collection by Cartier.

For you, do interior objects necessarily have to have a function?

It goes without saying that function and form are at the heart of the design process. However, there is more to a project than form and function. First and foremost, inspiration determines both: form and function follow from inspiration, not the other way around. This enables each project to tell its own story. Interior objects must always be designed for our well-being, and everyone interprets them in their own way. Music at home was enough for my father, so I owe it to him!


Parisian interior designer Laura Gonzalez adopts a provocative, refined and very Parisian mix-and-match style. A style she infuses into the Cartier boutiques in Madrid and at 23 Place Vendôme.

Can objects be the starting point of an interior design project?

Of course! An object is in itself a source of inspiration in many ways. With its shape, color, appearance and feel, you can create a whole universe based on one single object. I believe that objects can also be rich in symbols. For instance, my son drew a crab, and this inspired me to design a mini-bar and incorporate it into an interior design project.


An interior designer who trained at Penninghen, Laurène Barbier-Tardrew is one of the founders of the Studioparisien agency. Her style: a Parisian spirit that combines discreet timelessness, poetry and the excellence of savoir-faire. She designs spaces for Cartier, as well as unique pieces of furniture inspired by the icons of the Parisian luxury brand.

In your opinion, what do objects bring to your designs?

Objects add meaning, they represent the human, intimacy, size. Objects describe an aura. They add their stories to our own. They complement space and contrast, and alternately express scandal, chicness, gentleness, rock and emotion.